What should you do, when you feel down?

A guide made for people who aren't feeling well mentally.

What should you do, when you feel down?

Hope - don't forget about it

Feeling down is a natural sensation of the human body. We all have better days, as we do bad ones, but we should always have one thing in the back of our minds - that state is temporary. Once, a wise man said - ,,after every storm there is a rainbow", so no matter how bad you feel now - you'll be feeling better in the future. 

Go for a workout - it will help for sure

When i was feeling bad, one day i just mustered all of my willpower,  got up, and went for a long run. Naturally the next day i felt sore, but when i finished running, i was really glad that i did it. Doing exercises releases happiness hormones, that are essential to make you feel better. You may think ,,well yeah, everybody tells me that" - but have you actually tried that? I may confess here, i was the same. I didn't feel like it, i said ,,they're all wrong yada-yada" etc. but when i actually got up and did it, i felt great. I was on top of my game again (for a few minutes) - but i'm 100% sure that workout was worth it. 

You need to push yourself  beyond the negativity

 Literally everybody probably knows the song ,,it's a hard-knock life for us" right? Well guess what buddy - you're fighting for your life now with your mind, and you're all alone - i know that sounds harsh, but that's the cold truth. You need to push it away, and start from the beginning. It's as simple, as the thing we do after we fall down. We just stand up again. And that's what you need to do with yourself, if you're feeling down - don't let your mind berate you - just stand back up and keep moving forward!

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